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Monday, April 7, 2014

Opening Shop! Midsummer Dreams is open for business

Last night I made the grand reveal to my friends at /r/indiemakeupandmore . I've opened shop! For the past four months I have been conducting R&D while I developed my own line of perfumes and colognes. The shop is called Midsummer Dreams Apothecary and I currently offer 5 perfumes.

Midsummer Dreams Apothecary


Creamy sweet vanilla joins with sensuous warm amber amidst the fragrance of a garden full of rich full-bodied roses, earthy rosewood, and hints of oakmoss. This perfume is both rich and feminine with a balance of bold florals, earthy scents, and sweet vanilla. Perfect to wear on a rainy afternoon while you cozy up with your favorite book.

A blend of sweet vanilla, sea salt, and calming lotus blossom is accompanied by the Hawaiian puakenikeni flower and rounded out with elegant gardenia. This blend is delicate and feminine and smells like a seaside garden on a breezy, spring day.

Fields of fragrant sweet grass warmed by rich amber, with hints of delicate honeysuckle vines, climbing roses, and night blooming jasmine swirl together in this delicate blend.  This is a delightfully fresh and feminine perfume that smells like a sunny, grassy meadow covered in wildflowers.

Snow White
Sweet apple, juicy pear, and crisp fig mingle with the floral scent of sweet ylang ylang  and earthy scents of balsam cedar, and rosewood. This is a delicious blend of fruity and forest scents that is fresh and crisp.

Sultan's Daughter
Sultry, warm amber blends with sweet vanilla and is surrounded by a palace garden filled with rich jasmine blossoms, hints of fragrant and sweet ylang ylang, and fig. This is a feminine but slightly spicy blend that is warm and bold.

Midsummer Dreams is a vegan friendly brand offering perfume and cologne oils and solid perfume.