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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Haul - Alchemia Apothecary Perfume Oils

I ordered 5 perfume samples and one full size lip balm and paid about $20 including shipping. The items arrived quickly and were packaged in a pretty organza bag with a hand written note from the owner. Everything arrived safe and sound wrapped in bubble wrap.

The samples that I ordered were Hue Bris, Magma, Velvet Voodoo, Kimono, and Wanderlust (men's). The lip balm was Coconut Lime.

My Thoughts

Coconut Lime Lip Balm - "Such a fun and refreshing summer fragrance. Zesty lime always pairs so well with the sweet creamy scent of coconut making this such a classic and irresistible scent. This lip balm is infused with natural lime essential oils and rich coconut flavor." 

Materials: grapeseed oil, coconut oil, beeswax, lime essentail oil, coconut flavor  $3.50

This stuff is amazing. The formula is buttery soft and moisturizing yet light. It smells amazing, like a cold drink with a tiny hot pink umbrella that you sip while you sun bathe on the beach. There's no taste, which is good, so it won't encourage lip licking. 

Perfume Oils - A Full size is $15 for 5mL

"This adventurous blend is perfect for your inner vagabond. With the body of dry, musky earth, it combines richly with the punch of bay rum and the slightest hint of beer. Mingling with the bold and smokey aroma of campfire, this cologne oil is perfect for the man that wants to stay close to nature and excitement."

I wanted to buy a cologne oil for my husband since he has been interested in them more and more. I thought that this would be right up his alley since it's supposed to smell like a camp fire in the woods with beer. He and I both agreed that while it smelled good it wasn't a scent that he would wear. This would work better as a masculine room diffuser.

"Just like the meaning of “Kimono,” this fragrance is another Japanese inspired “thing to wear.” Floral in nature, this blend is packed with delicate petals of jasmine, rich and bold sandalwood, and the subtlest hints of tuberose and peony."

I wanted to like this scent, but it was just overwhelmingly floral. There's just too much going on in this perfume. The florals fight each other for dominance and it fades about the same. This scent gave me, my friend, and her husband a migraine. I was super sad about it because jasmine is one of my favorite scents, but I couldn't pick it out.

Hue Bris
"Prepare to feast on the nectar of the gods. The body of this blend is filled with the sweet and intoxicating bouquet of ambrosia. The sweet trickles of honey and champagne top this elixir, with the sweet essence of orange blossoms to bridge through this grandiose brew."

The initial smell is all honey and orange blossom and it's delightful. After a half hour it fades down to a muted honey. I liked this one initially but didn't like the way it faded, and my husband didn't care for it.

Velvet Voodoo
"This is a very seductive and sophisticated scent. This has a warm full body of crushed red roses. Strawberries drop into a sparkling flute of champagne, making both bubble to the surface."

This perfume is amazing if you love rose. It's a true, warm, full-bodied rose that is a little old-fashioned. I loved it. Unfortunately my husband did not. It's funny how smells are associated with memories. I was very sad to have to give this to a friend, but she adored it.

"This blend is warm and inviting while still being fruity and fun. The body of this elixir consists of juicy red ripe strawberries, sweet sugar filled lemonade, and warm mouth watering vanilla. " 

Of all four samples this one is my favorite. It smells sweet and warm and fades nicely. I got about 5 hours of wear time out of it. The strawberry fades fairly quick and leaves behind the candied lemon. I don't really smell the vanilla at all, but I'm sure it's there. My husband absolutely loves this one.

Overall I'd give Alchemia Apothecary a 4/5
The packaging was great, but I feel that the prices are a little high compared to other competitors and only 2 out of 5 perfume/cologne oils were wearable.

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  1. Ooh, that lip balm sounds amazing. Velvet Voodoo also sounds like it would be right up my alley, and thankfully I don't think it would bring up bad memories for anyone in my household. :) Thanks for reviewing!