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Monday, January 6, 2014

Shiro Game of Thrones Collection - Pressed Swatches

As a huge fan of the TV Show and books I was super excited when Shiro Cosmetics announced that their newest collection was going to be based on the Game of Thrones series. Shiro always does an excellent job with her eyeshadows. They are easy to apply, rich colors, with a good consistency. When I saw that her new collection was mostly satin and mattes I almost died of happiness.

I bought 12 of the 15 shades to fit into a 12 pan palette that I bought from TKB Trading and I pressed the eyeshadows without any major difficulties. 

Some people have had trouble with pressing matte or satin shadows, especially Little Bird, but mine came out just fine. I have to dig a little harder to get product but it's still completely usable. It looks patchier in photos than in person.

Swatches are done over Urban Decay Primer Potion for the top three sections, with UDPP alone at the top, NYX Milk, NYX Black Bean, and then Dreamworld Hermetica Eye Dew on the bottom.

Left to Right: Master of Whispers, Mother of Dragons, Maiden Queen, Here I Stand, You Know Nothing, Valar Morghulis, Hodor, Gift of Mercy, No Men Like Me, I Loved A Maid, Little Bird, Climbing Chaos

Natural Light - Shade

Natural Light - Direct Sun

Fluorescent Lighting Inside

The Shades

Master of Whispers: a sheer lilac with a subtle gold shine 

Mother of Dragons: Purple over a red base with a silver shine

Maiden Queen: Bright teal with a golden sheen

Here I Stand: A warm blackened brown with hints of green

You Know Nothing: A sheer icy white-blue 

Valar Morghulis: a cool toned grey/black with silver/ashy shine

Hodor: A neutral taupe

Gift of Mercy: Warm blackened grey with orange shine

No Men Like Me: Cool/ashy toned gold

I Loved A Maid: Warm toned Orange with gold overlay

Little Bird: Matte warm toned pinky light toned mauve

Climbing Chaos: Warm medium brown with a bold bronze shine

The Specs

Cost: $1 Sample 1/4 tsp, $3.50 Mini 1 gram, $6.00 Full Size 2 grams

Overall Thoughts

I'm giving this collection 4/5 stars. Some of the shades are rather sheer and will require a heavy hand to apply over a sticky base. That may have been a result of the pressing, as satin/mattes are harder than shimmery colors. If you're leaving your collection loose then you may have a slightly different experience. Overall they blend well and apply smoothly with minimal fallout. 

Favorites: Master of Whispers and Hodor

Master of Whispers, Mother of Dragons, and Maiden Queen are amazing on top of Eye Dew. 

You Know Nothing is gorgeous when applied over a black base. 

Hodor and No Men Like Me look amazing however you wear them. 

Climbing Chaos is so ridiculously great that it doesn't even need a base.

Little Bird looks best over just primer.

Bonus: Palette!

Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me and I am not receiving any compensation for my review or opinion.

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