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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Elsa from Frozen - B&A Tutorial with Shiro Cosmetics

Today's makeup look is inspired by Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen. Elsa has a very pretty winter look with lots of pink, purple, and plum. The color palette may be simple but this look is very feminine and polished.


Step One - Before

Products: I primed my face with Sephora's Oil Control Primer and then applied Maybelline's Baby Skin to my cheeks and nose.

Step Two - Concealer, Foundation, & Powder

Products: Skin 79 Original (hot pink) BB Cream, Lancome Effacernes Concealer in 1.0 Light, Estee Lauder DW Matte Pressed Powder in 1.0 Light

Step 3 - Contour

Product: Fyrinnae Bronzer Matte Light, Maybelline Bouncy Blush in Pink Frosting, InYourFaceMakeup Matte White Full Coverage Foundation as a matte highlighter

Step 4 - Prime Your Eyes

Product: Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Step - 5 White Eyeshadow Base

Product: Nyx Milk, apply heavily to the lid and inner corner and blend lightly up to the brow bone

Step 6 - Color

Product: Shiro Master of Whispers applied heavily to the lid and inner corner

Step 7 - Crease

Product: Shiro Mother of Dragons applied to the outer corner and crease blending into the lid color and up the brow bone slightly

Step 8 - Outer Corner and Highlight

Product: Shiro Chimera applied in the outer V and blended down along the bottom lash line, Shiro The Truth applied to the brow bone as the highlight

Step 9 - Eyeliner, Mascara, and Brows

Product: Shiro Dwarf in the Flask as eyeliner, Rimmel ScandalEyes for mascara, and Lancome Eyebrow Pencil in Taupe

Step 10 - Finished!

Product: TKB Trading Silica Powder applied to oily areas and used to blend the blush and contour & Fyrinnae Pygmy Hippo Liquid Lipstick

Obligatory Before & After Comparison

The weather has been so dreary here lately. It actually rained for 3 days straight! I can't wait to see some sunlight again.


  1. Wow, amazing job! You look beautiful!

  2. There’s something special about this movie that I’m soooo addicted to it. Maybe because it tells more of sisterly love, something that’s been neglected to most of the romantic animated films. Happy enough that Frozen the movie was a sure hit at home. Lol!
    In my attempt to find hooked viewers as me, I came to your pretty blog and pretty tutorial, also pretty enough to be like Elsa dear! =D

  3. I love this, beautiful job! I like how you did the "drop-eye' liner with just a tiny bit on the bottom.